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Squat and Turn... Bomb it

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May has been very busy... coaching, playing, writing. Looking forward to heading up to NY for July. 

This weeks topic is going to be the POWER swing. Sounds good right? Who doesn't want to bomb the ball. So let's dive deep into creating a consistent powerful swing. I was recently coaching some students and I took some video of their swings before instructing them. Both had some concepts they were working on from a previous lesson with another coach in their hometown. They flew to see me and upon reviewing their swings there were some obvious issues. The problem is they never heard these issues in their previous lesson. Let me break it down...

Golf is an athletic motion. It involves athletic movements and transfer of weight back and through the motion. It is no different than every other major sport. If your foot work sequence is improper your seriously limiting yourself. Working on swing planes and your release is counter productive when your footwork is poor. THE LOWER BODY IS THE ENGINE OF THE GOLF SWING. Want power? Let's learn how to get it:

Hockey? Why are we watching this?

Now Tennis? I thought we were learning Golf?

Okay... fine... let's talk golf:

What are the common traits that we should apply to golf that are common to all athletic movements? First, allowing your weight to move into your back foot as you move the club back. A slight movement is needed. It's so often that I see people raising their rear foot and reverse pivoting. Killing their chances to return the club with power to the ball. 

KEY 1 - Your weight will move into your REAR foot and your rear foot will NEVER come up on the back swing. 

Now as you transition into your downswing your lead pocket will start to rotate around your spine. You don't need to slide into the ball you need to rotate horizontally opening your hips for impact. 

Squat and Turn

Squat and Turn

KEY 2 - In the game of golf some of the most powerful players have a squat with their bodies to initiate the rotation to the lead side. Lowering slightly on the downswing sequence is common among long hitters. 

KEY 3 - Your lead pocket will rotate around your spine initiating the POWER move into the ball. This is where the EXPLOSION of power occurs into the ball. 

Note how I placed nearly no emphasis on what your arms are going to do. Just keep in mind proper athletic sequencing. Your arms firing downward never results in powerful strikes. Squatting and turning after having some load into the rear leg is what generates club head speed. I will add that you would desire to have your smaller muscles in your arms relatively relaxed in order for speed to develop. The tighter your muscles the harder it is to create speed. Imagine trying to throw a ball with a very tight grip and your forearms clenched. Not going to happen. 

  1. Allow some weight to move into you rear foot on the backswing. 
  2. Have some squat and turn to initiate the downswing
  3. Rotate the lead pocket around your lead thigh as a pivot point. 
  4. FINISH IT - Keep accelerating through impact.

Keep it simple... be an athlete. Move like an athlete. If your footwork is poor start with learning good athletic sequencing with a medicine ball or similar. Before long you will tap into your athletic sense. Start by making swings at 30% speed and then work your way into hitting balls. Once your timing develops your swing speed will increase and your going to gain some distance. Best part is the power delivery and repetitive ability will become more consistent than throwing your arms at the ball. 

Be An Athlete! Score Your Best!

Till next time... Peter