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Teaching the TRENDS... chicken wings, loop swings, how many planes?

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Have you heard of the three plane swing yet?

  1. The first plane is when you're hitting it good.
  2. The second plane is when you decided to change your swing to hit it better.
  3. The third plane is the flight you take when you miss the cut on tour because you were thinking about which plane your swing should be. 

That's a joke from an actual tour player. But in a way it's not really a joke...

These guys can't be any good with those silly swings right?

These guys can't be any good with those silly swings right?

I recently received a comment on Instagram - 

It was regarding a post about extension on short game shots vs. chicken wing based on the following picture.

Extension vs. Chicken Wing... I'll take extension.

Extension vs. Chicken Wing... I'll take extension.

Someone mentioned that Jordan Speith had some "chicken wing"... he sure does.

Should we now all jump on the let's "chicken wing" bandwagon? Maybe we all forgot about the Isao Aoki putting setup? But wait... what about the Jim Furyk swing school? You have not been to that yet? 

Let's cut to the chase. Golf instruction often runs towards the hot trend of the moment. That could be the latest winner or the latest technology. The media propels it. I mentioned the dangers of the overuse of technology in my last blog post. I caution players to not look for quick fixes or "secrets."

Golf is a game played from the ground up. No, I'm not talking about "ground force biomechanics." I am talking about good solid setup fundamentals.  Stance, ball position, balance, grip, and POSTURE. Not as exciting as saying I wore my 100 sensor vest hooked up to a launch monitor to tell me I just snap hooked it out of bounds. Launch monitors don't fix bad setups. They don't tell you your posture is terrible. 

On the flip side, you know I love launch monitors for certain tasks. The technology keeps developing and I sure love using it in my daily life. However, it's not what the majority of players need as their primary focus. 

Every tour player you look at regardless of swing plane or club face position has very similar positions through impact. Most also have very similar setups when they start their swings. 

Your thoughts should be simple. Work on setup from the ground up. Work on posture. Work on grip. Work on staying relaxed and rotating well. If you have some major swing faults that happen over and over... correct them with a great coach. Always keep measuring your improvement. Are your scores coming down? Do you know with confidence that what you're practicing is making you better?

As the snow melts up north, don't jump into the trend of the moment. You know why? Because next month there will be another trend. 

Fundamentals never die. Work on them... improve on them... make them second nature. 

Till next time... 

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