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Currently in South Florida & Metropolitan New York.                         Travel by request

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Instagram - In just one year we have gained over 2,000 followers! 2019 posts will begin shortly. Instagram-PeterSokolovGolf

Store Is Open - Currently featuring Peter's favorite hat by New Era. Fitted and adjustable are both available. Many more items planned.  

Videos Have Arrived - Peter's new series of instructional videos is underway. 

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Instruction, Books, and Training Aids

Anyone can give you a golf lesson... rarely can someone offer you tested strategies that have been proven to lower your handicap. 

90% of Peter's students drop 26% or more off their handicap within one year.

Your coach for life. After deeply studying and documenting the flaws of typical golf lessons and schools, Peter's approach is much different. Research shows the typical golfer's handicap has not improved over their careers, despite technology advancements. Shockingly many golfers actually get worse over time. Usually you improve at most skill related endeavors in your life. Why not golf? 

Practice does not guarantee improvement. Typical golf lessons set you up for failure.

Imagine trying to improve your career by taking a 30 or 60 minute crash course and then being turned to the wolves. That's how Peter is different. His teaching, website, books, and training aids have been specifically developed to attain long term improvement. Most importantly you're going to enjoy the experience. 


The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing
— Walt Disney